Girl Makes Out With Stranger For The Kiss-Cam After Her Boyfriend Refuses To Kiss Her

This is easily some of the best kiss-cam theatrics I’ve ever witnessed. Maybe one of the greatest moment in kiss cam history, actually. At the Knicks game on Thursday night, a girl got rather excited when the Madison Square Garden kiss cam landed on her. Her boyfriend (or date, whatever) wasn’t exactly feeling it. He gave the most frumpy don’t-look-at-me face imaginable. So the chick said “fuck-your-bad-attitude” and went for a straight up make-out with some rando dude next to her.

The crowd went wild while the boyfriend got cuckold infront of 20,000 people. Hate to say it, but the dude deserved it, clearly have a very punchable attitude/face when the camera landing on them.

It’s probably fake and definitely great acting by all three, but who cares? Entertaining as shit. Time to dump your loser “boyfriend”, gurl.

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