Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Rips Off His Jersey And Shorts And Tosses Them Into The Crowd In Electric Display Of Showmanship After BIG3 Ejection

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Glen “Big Baby” Davis content is the content I’ve been longing for ever since the 33-year-old bowed out of the NBA in 2015. No longer do we hear about the portly character destroying a hotel computer at a Florida motel. Or going ballistic on Austin Rivers for calling him “constantly out of shape” and claiming he didn’t know the plays. Or whatever this was:

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Welp, the NBA champion has put himself back on the map while playing in the BIG3 league this past weekend.

After being racking up his second technical foul for swearing at a referee for making a soft call, Davis, a co-captain for team Power, was ejected from the game.

What would unravel next is one of the greatest game exits you’re likely to see…

Davis’ dismissal lead to his previously undefeated Power team losing focus and ultimately being beat 50-43 by a winless Trilogy squad.

A national treasure. Long live the king.