Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Absolutely Torches Former Teammate Austin Rivers For Calling Him Lazy

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Maybe the biggest mystery in the NBA over the last decade is how Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis has been able to consistently contribute while being obscenely overweight. Big Baby is an NBA Champion and that’s more than former NBA MVP and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley can say. Oh, the way of the world.

In any event, Glen Davis’ relationship with his coach Doc Rivers has been a tumultuous one from their roots in Boston to their mutual move to Los Angeles. Doc hilariously said of Big Baby’s weight loss a couple years ago, “It’s like throwing a deck chair off the Queen Mary.”

Davis then accused Rivers of playing him on a broken ankle in 2015 and called his former coach “lucky as hell” to win a championship with the Celtics in 2008. Welp, on a recent episode of Undisputed, Davis’ former teammate and son of Coach Doc Rivers defended his dad by ripping Big Baby for being “constantly out of shape,” said he showed up “late,” and claimed he “don’t remember plays.”

While vacationing in Hawaii “minding his own business,” Big Baby took the time to skewer Austin in a spit-filled Instagram video.

Check it out:

Here’s the full text of the tirade:

I’m in Hawaii, minding my own business, and I look on Undisputed, and I see ol’ punk ass Austin Rivers talking shit. C’mon man. Yeah, I might have been overweight, a little bit. Probably late for one or two practices. C’mon man. Don’t know the plays? C’mon bro. You’re lying now, bro. Now you’re fucking lying. C’mon on now, man. Now that’s a fucking lie.

Second of all, your father gave you your money. How can you? Like, don’t say shit to me. Your father gave you your money. You ain’t work for it, motherfucker. Type of shit. I was there. I seen you at practice. You didn’t give a fuck, thinking you all that wearing them tight a– pants. And you know, your father gave you all that money so you can wear those tight ass pants.

But keep your fucking mouth closed, man. Shut up, man. You’re a fucking bum, whose been given the world. Shut up. And just stay under your father.

Austin I think you’ve awoken a sleeping bear.



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