Golden Tate Denied Getting Punched And Thrown Into A Trash Can By Percy Harvin Before Getting His Spot Blown Up By A Former Teammate

by 9 months ago
golden tate denies percy harvin punch

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On Wednesday, Bleacher Report released an incredibly insightful interview it conducted with Percy Harvin, who sat down with the outlet to reflect on his eight-year career in the NFL.

During the chat, the journeyman wide receiver bared all and revealed he’d smoked weed before every game to overcome the anxiety he dealt with over the course of his playing years. However, that was far from the most interesting anecdote.

Harvin also discussed his one-season stint with the Seahawks and it’s safe to say he didn’t exactly see eye to eye with fellow wideout Golden Tate, as he confirmed a longstanding rumor that he punched his former teammate and threw him into a trash can the day before Seattle trounced the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The story quickly made the rounds and eventually came to the attention of Tate, who hopped on Twitter to deny the incident ever transpired despite the many pieces of evidence to the contrary.

Unfortunately for Tate, Pro Football Talk reports former Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril spoke with KJR to address the altercation shortly after Harvin’s interview began to circulate and blew up the spot of the Notre Dame product when he corroborated the story:

“Everything he just said is a fact,” Avril said after listening to Harvin’s account, adding that Harvin did indeed “coldcock” Tate. Avril said that Tate saw the punch coming, and that it “caught him flush in the eye,” and that Harvin then scuffled with Tate before picking him up and dumping him into a trash can.

I can’t help but wonder what hurt Tate worse: the punch or the blow to his ego.

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