If You Want To Feel Better About Your Golf Game Watch This Video Right Now

There’s absolutely zero reason any of you would know this about me, but I may have pieces of a tooth in my right knee.

Half a lifetime ago during Spirit Day in H.S., some pissant of an underclassmen came up and slapped me with his hat, I gave chase, he immediately crumbled to the ground and his head fell into my knee. Upon making contact with my knee his front tooth dislodged and it may or may not have partially broken off inside of my knee.

I obviously had to go get stitches, so presumably the doctors removed any pieces of tooth from my right knee, but I cannot be sure about that. The kid in question was my best friend’s little brother, and he had a reputation for being a tiny bit of a jackass when it comes to life.

So what made that tooth dislodge so gingerly? Well, when he was middle-schooler he thought it’d be smart to go practice his golfing by hitting balls into the side of his house. Naturally one of those ricocheted and ruined his face….he’s still a better golfer than the guy we see in this video:

How in the shit did that golfball pop straight up? I cannot even fathom how that’s possible.

Let’s keep watching it in GIF and try to figure out how someone can be this bad at golf:

Tip of the hat to A. Isaac at UPROXX for finding and sharing this video.


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