Here Are The Golfers To Bet On In The Upcoming Charles Schwab Challenge

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

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Golf is back and other sports are on their way!

It’s been quite a while since things have been normal, but having a golf tournament gives us a chance to start getting towards that. And what could be better than throwing a few wagers on it to have some action on this week’s tournament.

When we last spoke, I was riding the heater of all heaters, picking the outright winner in 3 of the last 4 tournaments, and had picked Hideki Matsuyama to win The Players Championship. Matsuyama proceeded to go out and fire a course record 63 to take the first-round lead, before the rest of the tournament was canceled due to Covid-19. A tough break!

On the year, I am up 10.11 units so far. Basically, if you bet a total of 100 dollars each week on the golfers I recommended and divided it up how I say, you would be up $1,011 so far. Not too shabby!

Golf returns with the Charles Schwab Challenge, at Colonial. This course can play reasonably difficult, and is not the longest of courses, so you don’t need bombers here. Important stats I am looking at this week include tee to green, par 4 efficiency, and good drives gained among others.

Below is a refresher on how I am allocating my bets this week, and who I like to take down the Charles Schwab Challenge.

As far as betting, I’ll keep track of the overall performance for the year each week. The important thing to understand is that betting on golf is hard. Most weeks we are going to lose, but one winning week, can make up for multiple losing weeks. I’m taking a long term approach, and hoping to finish the season up. As you will see, we are going to spread our money out to multiple players, and hopefully grind out a profit.

Each week, I am going to put one unit in play. That unit is going to be divided up between all the players I want to bet on. This unit can be whatever you feel comfortable losing in a week, but should remain consistent throughout the season. If you move the amount all over the place each week, your chances of profiting decrease quite a bit.  With that being said, let’s take a look at who I’m targeting to take down this event.

Good luck guys, let’s get back in the winner’s circle…and enjoy real competitive sports returning!