Gordon Hayward Claims Video Games Helped Serve As Rehab To His Broken Hand

Gordon Hayward explains how gaming helped rehab his broken hand

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Gordon Hayward isn’t supposed to return to the Boston Celtics lineup for a few more weeks now, but after breaking his left hand in a game on November 12, the shooting guard and former All-Star is making progress. That’s because video has already surfaced of Hayward shooting, meaning he’s on pace to return within a normal timeframe. That’s good news for the C’s, who have been one of the top teams in the league all season long.

Although Gordon Hayward’s return isn’t anytime soon, at the very least, he’s doing everything he can in order to rehab the broken bone and get back to the hardwood as quick as possible. While that means physical therapy and a bunch of other stuff, it also means other forms of rehab — like playing video games, which Hayward claims to have helped his fingers get stronger.

That’s according to Jared Weiss of The Athletic, who tweeted this out the other day when speaking to the shooting guard about his injury and preceding recovery.

It might seem odd, but, hey, if gaming has helped Gordon Hayward recover, you can’t question him. After all, holding a controller and moving his fingers in all sorts of directions probably loosens them up a little bit, while also building up mobility and other movements. It might not be the most recommended form of rehab, but it seems effective.

Telling Weiss that video games helped “keep his fingers moving,” Gordon Hayward might have just found the best way of recovering from a broken hand bone. So who needs expensive therapy or rehab, just fire up the PS4 and start playing some NBA 2K20, because that might be the real secret to getting back faster and stronger. And with Hayward averaging 18.9 points, 7.1 rebounds and 4.1 assists on over 55 percent shooting in his first eight games prior to the injury, Boston should be happy that video games is, potentially, the key to getting him back sooner than expected.


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