Girl Dad Gordon Hayward Is Having His First Son Two Years After His Reaction To Having Third Daughter Went Viral

Abbie Parr/Getty Images


Gordon Hayward’s sperm would not be denied an XY chromosome.

We all remember Gordon’s lifeless “Daddy’s always happy” line nearly two years upon news that he and wife Robyn would be having their third consecutive girl. Below is how I react when I get an email at 4:45 on a Friday.

In any event, Nora Mae Hayward was born healthy and happy in late January of 2019 and a smidge over a year later, Mrs. Hayward is pregnant for the fourth time and no one is happier than daddy.

Baby G coming in September 💙 *** yes, it’s a boy.

There was no doubt Gordon was going to go full Anthony Cromartie until he had a son, but I’m glad it just took four times so he didn’t have to keep up that Philip Rivers thrust.

Congrats to the happy family.