The Internet Is Dunking On Gordon Hayward’s Hipster Haircut + Mustache In His First Game Back

gordon hayward

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Tremendous thread from Game 3 of the Eastern Conference NBA finals Gordon Hayward is finally back in action after suffering a Grade III ankle sprain in the Celtics first round series against the Philadelphia 76ers. With the Celtics on fire, he’s even sticking around in the NBA bubble instead of leaving for the birth of his fourth child, according to his wife.

Talk about dedication – maybe he really does belong on a list of Top 10 NBA players at the moment.

Meanwhile, SI’s Extra Mustard started a tremendous Twitter thread about Hayward’s extreme hipster haircut and all-around vibe, asking:

“What does it look like he does for a living?”

Of course, the Internet did it’s thing and went wild with it.

This is a man who takes his barber shop visits seriously. He just *looks* like the kind of old timey-yet-modern gentlemen who will talk your ear off about their favorite kombucha brands and vinyl collection, similar to craft cocktail bartenders in infamously rowdy hipster hotbeds.

We all know the type. We all either *are* Gordon Hayward or know people who look just like Gordon Hayward, minus the whole $127 million NBA contract.