New GQ Video Titled ’10 Things Baker Mayfield Can’t Live Without’ Is Getting Savaged By Commenters

GQ Video Titled 10 Things Baker Mayfield Cant Live Without Comments

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In a bit of pretty horrific timing (or really good timing, depending on your attitude about such things), GQ magazine just published a new video titled “10 Things Baker Mayfield Can’t Live Without” and the comments on it are absolutely brutal.

“There are a few things Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield can’t live without when he hits the road. From his Nike cleats to number ‘6’ necklace, these are the football star’s travel essentials,” reads the video’s caption.

Mayfield also says his customized Yeti tumbler, a ball cap, a headband, some wristbands, sunglases, chapstick, headphones, and his personalized backpack are his “essentials” for when he travels. In fact, the entire video seems to be nothing more than a way for Mayfield to promote a few of his personalized products.

Not surprisingly, the commenters on the video also had a few suggestions for things Baker Mayfield “can’t live without” because as one astute person put it, “Jesus Christ GQ, everybody’s gonna roast this poor soul.”

Such as, he can’t live without…

• the L’s
• throwing interceptions
• turning the ball over
• being over-rated
• the hype
• sh*ttalking that he can’t back up on gamedays
• shooting commercials
• an extra six inches in height (a BroBible editor observation)

Several of the commenters who didn’t write some variation of turnovers and/or losing, said they, much like myself, “clicked the video just for the comments.” And they certainly did not disappoint. Unlike Mayfield, apparently.

Poor Baker.

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