Panthers’ Kicker Graham Gano Drills A 76-Yard Field Goal To Celebrate Fourth Of July

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Happy international hungover day, ladies and gents. If you’ve managed to make it to this point in the day without puking or suffering through an uncomfortable poop, you’re a better man than I. It was well worth it for the birth of this great nation.

We all had our different ways of paying tribute to the U-S-of-A, whether it be drinking 48 domestic beers and passing out on a float in your neighbor’s pool or taking down an entire packing of hot dogs and yaking in the shower.

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano decided to show his appreciation for this great country by kicking a 76-yard field goal, a tribute to the 1776 birth of this nation. The 31-year-old Pro Bowler made it look easy.

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