SoCal Man Fishing Off The Pier Hooks A Great White, Scares Everyone In Sight

News of this video is spreading like wildfire across Southern California, because it’s not every day that you see a pier fisherman hook a great white shark and manage to reel it all the way up to the pier. This is of course a juvenile great white, there’s no shot in hell that a pier fisherman would be able to bring a 15-foot/2,400-pound shark to the pier using a rod and reel, but when these sharks are smaller they’re certainly catchable (they are VERY protected though).

After fighting this juvenile great white shark from the San Clemente Pier, a place I was fortunate enough to go fishing from for my first time ever this past September, the fisherman is actually able to get the hook out of the shark’s mouth without having to cut the line. After that the estimated 6 to 7 foot great white shark is able to swim away without a big ass fishing hook hanging from its mouth as it swims towards Mexico for the rest of the Winter.

If you’ll notice in the background there’s nothing but screaming going on during this video, people are BUGGIN’ OUT:

alternate perspective:

According to NBC Los Angeles the fisherman tried to let the shark go throughout the fight and had no interest in reeling it in…which sounds pretty fucking obvious because who in their right mind would want to deal with a great white shark at the pier?

Penny Novak was taking a midday stroll with her family when she saw a fisherman struggling with his line at the end of the pier.
“When we looked over the edge, there it was,” Novak said. “Its head was fully out of the water, its mouth was open. It was just like something out of a movie.”
Immediately, she took out her phone and began recording the fight.
For about 15 minutes, the fisherman tried to get the shark to let go, she said. He had no interest in trying to reel in the large creature.
“Then finally, it went under the water for a little bit. We all thought maybe it died, and then all of the sudden it came back up and we heard like a big, loud crunch, and then it like moved around a little bit and broke free and then took off,” said Novak.

For more on this exceedingly rare event you can follow that link above and check out the full recap over on NBC Los Angeles!