The Packers Reportedly Changed Aaron Rodgers’ Mind From Sitting Out Season Over The Weekend By Giving In On Contract Concessions

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Aaron Rodgers is coming back to Green Bay all along after Packers’ execs convinced him to return over the weekend.

On Monday morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport dropped a bombshell report revealing that Rodgers had told people close to him he was going to return.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter followed up on Rapoport’s report by stating that the Packers convinced Rodgers to stay by voiding the final year of his contract in 2023 and agreeing to take a look at his situation at the end of the season.

According to Schefter Rodgers planned to sit out the season until the Packers changed his mind over the weekend by offering him the contract concessions that would give him the option to request a trade after this season.

“As of last week it was Aaron Rodgers’ plan not to show to training camp and to not play this season and the talks intesified over the weekend to the point where they offered, the Packers did, enough in the way of concessions to get Aaron Rodgers to change his stance”

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