Greg Jennings Explains Why He Believes Aaron Rodgers Is Better Than Tom Brady

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The athlete comparison is a futile one–no opinion has been changed by a convincing stat or reasonable argument. Ya like who ya like. No logic will ever convince me that Semi Pro isn’t one of the greatest sports movies of our generation. Keep your incorrect opinions to yourselves.

With that said, it’s always interesting to hear the opinions of athletes who have played with and competed against the athletes in question. Former NFL wide receiver Greg Jennings is undoubtedly biased–he spent six seasons catching passes from Aaron Rodgers, who played a large part in earning Jennings a Super Bowl ring in 2010. If he had been involved in one of the five Super Bowls Tom Brady won, his opinion may be different from this:

“Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback…. This is the way I look at it – and I will say it’s not an easy decision to be made for most, because you’ve got AFC competitors, NFC competitors, you’ve got AFC coordinators, NFC coordinators, and they’re going to be split.

But if we all look at it like this – their intangibles physically, and their intangibles in the brain, mentally. Mentally, you can slightly give the advantage to Tom Brady.

… Physically, when I put them under center, if I put Tom Brady under center, is there anything Tom Brady can do for me that Aaron Rodgers can’t? Absolutely not.

If I put Aaron Rodgers under center, are there things, intangibles that he possesses and skillsets that he possesses that Tom Brady cannot match? Of course there are. [via Undisputed]

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