Big Wave Surfer Greg Long Tests The Hand Of God And Rides One Of The Biggest Waves Ever Seen

Greg Long has been ranked the #1 big wave surfer in the world at various times throughout his career. He’s currently in Hawaii to surf the upcoming Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Invitational tournament that pits the world’s greatest big wave surfers against one another, a tournament he’s won in the past. Prior to the ‘Eddie’ Greg competed in Maui’s Pe’ahi Challenge, during which he dropped into a wave so massive the mind cannot even begin to comprehend what brought him to charge such a wave.

People are saying that this might be the biggest wave ever paddled into at Pe’ahi, home to some of the largest waves in the world:

The last time I saw Greg was back in August when I was visiting his hometown of San Clemente, California. I was actually fortunate enough to take some beginner’s level surfing lessons from this icon of the sport as he nursed an ailing knee injury on his way back to the professional surfing circuit. It’s just awesome to see that not only has he 100% recovered from that knee injury, the same injury I’ve experienced twice in my life now (torn meniscus), but he’s recovered and gone back to living life as the #1 big wave surfer in the world (the rankings will reflect that soon enough).

If you want to keep up with the world of big wave surfing then I highl suggest giving Greg Long a follow on Instagram, as you can expect photos like this on the regular:

As I mentioned before, that wave about is being called potentially the largest wave ever paddled into at Pe’ahi. Greg Long’s the most decorated surfer in history at the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, and methinks Greg’s just earned himself another award with that insane wave.