Greg McDermott’s Powerful Postgame Speech Is Going Viral After Creighton’s Controversial Elite 8 Loss

Greg McDermott calls in a play during the Elite Eight.

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Greg McDermott is going viral for his postgame comments following Creighton’s season-ending defeat. The Blue Jays fell in the Elite Eight to San Diego State, 57-56.

That loss was a bit controversial as a foul on the final play of a tied game decided the outcome. The Aztecs sank one of two free throws and Creighton never got a chance to respond.

Many around the college basketball world disagreed with that late decision by the officiating crew. Everyone hates to see a hard-fought game end in the hands of a referee.

The one-point setback successfully ended Creighton’s Cinderella run just shy of the Final Four.

As one would imagine, Blue Jay players and coaches were dejected after coming oh, so close to a national championship opportunity. The way the game ended only added insult to injury.

Head coach Greg McDermott wasn’t letting his team hang their heads, though. He was heard giving a powerful postgame speech in the locker room to uplift his guys’ spirits.

“Certainly not the way we wanted it to end. We hurt, but we were together to the very final millisecond of the season… You have rallied and galvanized, not a university, not a community, but anybody that’s ever had anything to do with Creighton University.

“They’ve all stopped their lives… to watch you guys do what you do. I couldn’t be more proud of the way you did it. That’s why we were able to climb a mountain that nobody that’s ever worn this uniform has been able to climb.

“We can hurt, we can be disappointed, but you damn well better be proud.”

Many around the sport were quick to comment on the speech. Most were blown away by McDermott’s passionate words.

Radio host Doug Gottleib said, “This is just outstanding.” Others shared that sentiment.

This rival fan said, “I’m not even a Creighton fan and that made me tear up. I’m sorry your season had to end the way it did, but you were a lot of fun to watch. Best of luck next year!”

Another follower wrote, “Just. Wow. Real dude right there. Creighton is so fortunate to have him as their head coach. Fantastic leader. Fantastic coach. Better person.”

Definitely a tough ending for the Blue Jays, but it seems they’re in good hands with coach Greg McDermott.