Fans Debate Foul Call On Final Play Of SDSU-Creighton Elite 8 Matchup

Creighton fouls SDSU on the final play of their Elite Eight game.

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SDSU and Creighton played an exciting Elite Eight game on Sunday afternoon, with the Aztecs escaping with a one-point win. The ending of that contest has many college basketball fans split.

On the game’s final play, San Diego State guard Darrion Trammell was fouled with the score tied at 56-56. Trammell sank one of two free throws to punch his team’s ticket to the Final Four.

As is the case in game’s that end on these types of controversial officiating calls, fans immediately hopped online to debate. It seems the basketball world is split on its opinion of whether the foul was right or wrong.

College basketball reporter Seth Davis said, “If you decide a foul isn’t a foul because the game is tied with a couple of seconds left, then you are giving the defensive team an unfair advantage. Refs don’t “decide” a game by calling a foul. The player decides it by fouling. Not the way anyone wanted that game to end.”

Others agreed with that sentiment, with Barstool personality Big Cat posting, “Tough ending but that’s a foul.”

There were many fans that disagreed with the SDSU-Creighton ending, however.

Many believed that the game shouldn’t have been put in the hands of the officials at that point in the contest.

Others noted that the referees had let some physical play go early in the matchup, and they shouldn’t have reversed that type of officiating on the final play.

As it stands, SDSU defeated Creighton, 57-56. They’ll now play Florida Atlantic in the Final Four.