Greg Olsen Fires Warning Shot At Tom Brady About FOX Future

Greg Olsen talks on the sidelines.

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Greg Olsen spoke this week about his future in the broadcast booth with FOX. While he’s fresh off his first season as part of the No. 1 crew, Tom Brady’s looming contract could push him down the totem pole.

It doesn’t appear that Olsen will go down without a fight. He was heard firing off a warning shot at Brady about his desire to stay at the top.

“I’m not going to roll over and die,” Olsen said at a recent event, per Connor Lomis and Taylor Young of Queen City News. “I’m willing to do what these guys aren’t willing to do.”

Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt capped off a wildly successful first season at Super Bowl LVII, but his status with the No. 1 team hinges on Tom Brady. The former NFL passer signed a 10-year deal with FOX worth $375 million.

There are some who question whether or not Brady will ever end up in the booth, but he’s said he plans to start in the 2024 season. That start would have a huge financial impact on Greg Olsen as it’s been reported that his $10 million salary would fall to $3 million should be demoted to the second team.

Olsen went in-depth about that possibility over the weekend. Here’s what he had to say.

“Until they kick me out, I’m going to sit there and do it. Maybe he [Brady] does come and take my job one day; I can live with that; I get it. I understand the rules that we all sign up for.”

He also talked about his Super Bowl experience with co-host Kevin Burkhardt.

“The Super Bowl was just an incredible experience; I mean, I think when I got home Monday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch, and you almost feel like you are almost in a dark place. It was like, ‘it’s over.’ All of that build-up and all of that lead-up was very similar to when I was a player, and then it is over.”

It doesn’t sound like Greg Olsen is ready to cede his role to Tom Brady, or anyone else for that matter. He’s locked in with FOX for the 2023 season. The network will have a tough decision to make should he have another strong year.