Greg Olsen Is Set To Take A MASSIVE Pay Cut When Tom Brady Joins The FOX Broadcast

Greg Olsen talks on the sidelines.

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Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt took the NFL world by storm in 2023, widely becoming recognized as the top broadcast duo on television. Making that honor even more impressive was the fact that it was their first season as FOX’s No. 1 team.

But things could quickly change at the network depending on the future plans of the recently retired Tom Brady. That pending decision will have a major impact on Olsen’s paycheck.

Brady signed a massive contract with FOX last year to the tune of 10 years, $375 million. The deal locked the passer in with the network as it looked to secure its own variation of CBS’s Tony Romo.

But what FOX might not have expected was for Olsen and Burkhardt to win fans over so quickly in their first season replacing Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. The new NFL “A-team” surpassed expectation in Year 1, culminating with their performance at Super Bowl LVII.

However, that “A-team” status will change to “B-team” once Brady decides to begin his broadcast career. And with that comes a huge pay cut for Greg Olsen.

A $7 million decrease to be exact.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Olsen’s salary will drop from $10 million annually to $3 million a year once Brady enters the booth.

Tom Brady let the world know after retirement that he has no intention of joining the FOX broadcast team for the 2023 season, which was music to Olsen’s ears.

But when (if ever) he does decide to take over the role, the former quarterback will assume a slot with the No. 1 crew. And while his name, alone, will be enough to lure viewers in, his on-air performance will be what keeps them watching.

We’ve seen big names in the past swing in miss in similar opportunities. Look no further than Drew Brees, who’s relationship with NBC “soured” after just one season.

CBS wasn’t safe either, as reports surfaced recently about management’s intervention with Tony Romo to ensure he was more prepared for games in the future.

Greg Olsen has proven his abilities during his short stint in the top role, but he could decide to walk for a better offer when his contract with the network expires. Competitors will certainly come calling if his success in the booth continues, and he’ll not want to play second fiddle for long.

If that’s the case, FOX had better hope Brady turns out to be worth every penny of that $375 million price tag.