Gregg Popovich Reportedly Left A Memphis Waiter A Tip Big Enough To Buy A Car

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Just a little PR hack for those celebs who are looking to bolster his or her image (Cc: Bill Cosby, Ben Affleck, Carmelo Anthony): Leave an egregiously large tip at a restaurant and accompany it with an inspirational note like “Follow your dreams” or “Please put this on Reddit.” In 24 hours, you will go from zero to hero. People LOVE the appearance of true altruism.

Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich knows this, and his 5-year, $55 million contract allows him to throw around money when he’s feeling extra generous.

According to post Tuesday by an NBA Reddit user named Good Guy Gregg, the longest tenured active coach in U.S. pro sports left a $5,000 tip on an $815.73 bill at McEwen’s on Monroe (it’s a nice restaurant, I checked the menu. $30 entrees).  For those scoring at home, that’s a 613% tip.


If Pop had known that his team would drop two straight in Memphis, he probably would have chewed and screwed.

This isn’t the first time Popovich has caked a waiter up. In April 2016, a Twitter user tweeted a photo of a receipt that appears to be signed by Popovich and included a $1,000 tip on a $2,009.12 bill.

Good on you, Pop. Your turn, Woody Allen.

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