Gronk Continues To Live The BEST Life Ever, Enjoying The Absolute Hell Out Of His Offseason

gronk spring break wwe mojo rawley

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Is anyone living a better life right now than Rob Gronkowski? The answer is a resounding no.

Bro is obviously fully recovered from his back injury because he’s been everywhere this offseason: partying with Rick Ross, hanging with a hot DJ at Gucci Mane’s birthday party, making 69 jokes at the Daytona 500, and, of course, partying it up with models and Flo Rida at Spring Break.

Five days after chilling with Flo Rida, Gronk was still down south, hanging by the pool, so he definitely got his money’s worth there.

However, Gronk has finally made his way back up north as he was in the crowd cheering on his boy Mojo Rawley at WWE Smackdown Live at the Mohegan Sun casino on Tuesday night.

Just one day, ONE DAY I would like to spend with this man. It’d be the stuff of legends.

H/T Terez Owens