Rob Gronkowski Was Spotted Getting Cozy With Smoking Hot DJ Brooke Evers At Gucci Mane’s Birthday In Miami


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You bros remember the Gronk Party Cruise last year? The same cruise where Gronk offered a couple $10,000 to bang in front of all 800 party goers? The same cruise that Gronk was grinding so hard on a young lady it resembled a porno? One participant summed up the cruise: “However ‘bro’ you think this sounds, amplify it by 20 and it still probably isn’t enough to accurately describe it.”

Welp, one of the entertainers on the cruise holding it down on the turn tables was Brooke Evers, who is quite possibly the most attractive DJ on the planet. While it was unclear if Gronk Gronk’ed Evers on the open seas, it seems likely after they were spotted this past weekend canoodling in Miami at Gucci Mane’s bday party.

Good Lord.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]