Gronk Won A Bunch Of Money After Betting $69 On His Horse At The Belmont Stakes

rob gronkowski

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If you want to know how to live a long and happy life, then I highly suggest you find someone who loves you as much as Rob Gronkowski loves the number 69. I also consider myself a big fan of the sex number— I recently had to come up with a half-assed explanation at a doctor’s appointment when I involuntarily said “Nice” after I found out my resting pulse was 69— but Gronk is basically a master sommelier of the number.

The tight end recently got into the horse racing game by buying a stake in a colt named after him, and bookmakers showed they have a sense of humor when they listed it at 69/1 odds ahead of last weekend’s Belmont Stakes. Gronkowski— the horse, not the person— became less of a longshot as the race approach, but wasn’t expected to make much of a mark when the gates opened on Saturday.

Despite trailing the pack soon after the start, Gronkowski managed to make a late comeback and ultimately came in second place behind Triple Crown winner Justify to secure a place as a footnote in history. However, even though the horse didn’t win, Gronkowski— the person, not the horse— still took home a nice chunk of change after placing a very, very nice $69 bet on his namesake to place.

According to SB Nation, Gronk and his entourage all placed $69 bets on the horse to come in second at 24/1 odds.

As a result, the man who has never spent any of his NFL playing money took home a sorely needed $952.20. That’s also pretty nice.

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