Guess Which (Horribly-Run, Inept) NFL Franchise Refuses to Share a Photo of Its Christmas Tree?

Why? I don't know. My job is not to sit in editorial meetings at the Wall Street Journal and analyze their ideas for original content. They are adults. They can do what they want. So why are we talking about? Well, because when a well-respected newspaper contacts an NFL franchise for a simple picture for a delightfully campy feature, the standard response is to send one. You get a fucking intern to take a picture and email it. The whole process takes a grand total of 22 seconds. 

Twenty-nine franchises sent in photos. The Falcons and Buccaneers do not have trees in their facility, which would make the task impossible. Only one franchise refused, refused, REFUSED to send a photo of their Christmas tree to the Wall Street Journal

Can you guess? Here's a hint: It's the one that tried to once sue a newspaper over the First Amendment. Need another? It's the one who sued an 90-year-old woman who couldn't afford her season tickets in the middle of a recession. Another? Oh, for fucks sake, it's the worst-run franchise in the league, headed by an entirely inept owner who lucked his way into millions and whose only business strategy consists of attempting to bilk every single person out of every dollar they own to enhance his own wallet and who has singlehandedly destroyed the collective will of an entire fanbase. 

It's the Washington Redskins, because of course it's the Washington Redskins. 

Kansas City won, in case you care. 

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