Cops Tracked Down And Arrested The Assbag Who Hit A Baby With Beer During The Blue Jays-Rangers Game



Yesterday’s Toronto Blue Jays-Texas Rangers Game 5 was one of the most bizarre games in the history of baseball—and I don’t even feel weird saying that.

In the over 100-plus years that the game has been around, the seventh inning was one of the whackiest ever, with crazy plays leading to runs, defensive errors, epic bat flips, beer-tossing fans, umpire reviews and, hundreds of other shit that went down.


Some of the “other shit” that happened was a baby getting hit by beer when Blue Jays fans got restless following a controversial call led to a Rangers run in the top-half of the seventh.

Things finally calmed down and the raucous crowd turned their attention towards Jose Bautista’s massive homer in the bottom of the seventh, but, thankfully, the guy who tossed that beer was tracked down and arrested.

According to the Toronto Star:

Toronto police reported that a man had been charged with mischief after a baby was hit by the spray of a thrown beer can during the game. Const. Victor Kwong said Albert Grummitt was arrested Wednesday night and has since been released. He is due in court on Nov. 24.

Police say the baby was with her mother in the front row of the Rogers Centre when the can was tossed their way. Television cameras captured a teary woman holding her baby shortly after the incident.

Const. David Hopkinson says the baby wasn’t hit by the can and is OK.

I know sports are crazy and emotions get high, but let’s cut back on the whole tossing beer cans and other shit on the field, if no other reason than protecting the youth of this world.

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