Guy Passes Out While Maxing Out On Clean & Jerk, Fellow Gym Goers Don’t Seem To Care

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I’m confused. Save for one guy who eventually bursts onto the scene from off camera, no one rushes to this guy’s aid when he fails miserably at this clean and jerk attempt.

Then again, maybe we don’t know the whole story. For all we know this might be Captain Clean and Jerk’s modus operandi.  Day in and day out, this guy waltzes into the gym, sets up his camera, attempts his max clean and jerk, forgets that the flow of oxygen is an essential part of continued life and comes within a twat hair of death. Then, after he dusts himself off, he goes home, has a nice anabolic meal, wakes up the next day, and does it all over again.

By the sheer lack of reaction by people who see him pass out and slam his head off the wall, I’m almost convinced it has to be that. At this point his fellow gym goers have become desensitized to his antics. They shrug off his near death experiences as “Classic Jeff.”

Now, of course this guy doesn’t go to the gym every day and almost kill himself, but how else can you explain the almost non-reaction of the two people watching him? Shouldn’t they be all like…


…and SPRINT to help him like the dude wearing a full cycling costume did? That man is a hero.

The video of the EPIC FAIL (sorry, I can’t help myself) was uploaded by the man himself and although I take umbrage with the piss poor reaction time of people watching, he has no hard feelings…

115kg.Was ok after. No injuries

Seems like a fall of bloodpressure. Did a few lift afterwards and went home. Snatched max next day just fine.

Can´t really blame the people watching not rushing at first, probably a bit shocked. Gratefull for all the help they gave!

For those wondering. It´s Eleiko weights and bar and it was a near max attempt. The clean itself was ok but i didn´t use my leg power before after the bump. Big mistake obviosly.

And an appology is needed, as I disruptet the sets to the people helping, wasn´t my intention 😉

If English is his first language, he might want to get a second opinion on the whole “Was ok after. No injuries” assumption.

[H/T Big Lead]

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