Guy Scores Game Tying Shot On His Own Basket To Send The Game Into OT And Knocks His Own Team Out Of The Greek League Playoffs

by 2 years ago

Does that look like the face of a player who just accidentally tied the game for the wrong team in the final moments of the game, sending his team into an overtime that they will eventually lose? Well, it has to, because it is. Yesterday, former Arizona State star Jermaine Marshall and his team had under 5 seconds left in a Greek National League playoff game when Marshall got confused and hit a quick jumper on his own basket to tie the game.

If Marshall was ever wondering why he couldn’t get a job playing ball in America, I hope he just answered his own question. Especially because you have to be a special kind of bad to not even get a practice squad gig for teams like the 76ers or the Knicks. I didn’t even know Greece had a professional basketball league. That must be why the country is bankrupt. They’re paying people like Marshall actual money to essentially just shit all over their own careers in public.

The worst part of this entire diabolical is that Marshall’s team ended up losing 108-103 in OT, eliminating them from the playoffs. I’m of the opinion that Marshall had to have planned this. No way around it. He boxed out the free throw shooter before putting the ball up. He must have taken the other team at +1.5 and decided he had to make his own luck. And I’m not unconvinced the guy who dribbled the baseline beneath his own basket wasn’t in on it as well. I don’t see Marshall getting cut, however, because I don’t think there’s a line out the door of people trying to get gigs playing in the Greek Basketball League.

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