Guy Suing Kickball League For What Sounds Like The Most Insane Kickball-Related Injury Ever



A NYC man is suing a kickball league for young professionals after being seriously injured during a game last April.

Amol Gupta paid for a membership to ZogSports back in April 2013. In his first month in the league, Gupta suffered an injury during a game that his lawyers are calling “severe, protracted and incapacitating.”

Here’s what happened to Gupta during the game, according to the NY Post:

Gupta slipped on the grass while running home and slammed into the retaining wall, the suit says. The collision left Gupta with a fractured nose and elbow and injured his spine.

Court papers fault ZogSports, which organizes throwback sports for young professionals across the metro area, for setting the foul and base lines too close to the wall.

“Among the responsibilities of ZogSports were to set up and provide for the location and placement of bases, a pitching mound, foul lines, base lines, boundaries, and other aspects of the physical layout where the April 27 kickball game would take place,” the suit says.

The league’s officials “violated their duties to [Gupta] by negligently, carelessly and recklessly failing to lay out, set up, operate, manage, maintain and inspect, design and control [the field],” according to court papers.

Gupta had to go to the hospital several times and his fractured elbow required surgery, an installation of a rod, screws and braces and screws and plates in his wrist. He was forced to miss a significant amount of work because of the injury.

Gupta is suing for an unspecified amount.

[via NY Post]