Bro Catches HUUUGE Hammerhead Shark While Fishing From The Sand On Panama City Beach

It’s still very much shark season here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. As long as tarpon are swimming around the sharks will remain extremely active. I’m not suggesting there are times of the year when there aren’t a shit ton of sharks in the coastal waters, I’m just saying that sharks loooove to eat tarpon, and it’s the favorite delicacy of hammerhead sharks.

This bro was shark fishing from the sand in Panama City Beach, one of the top Spring Break destinations in the world. He managed to hook into a fully grown Greater Hammerhead Shark and reel the hulking specimen to the beach. Instead of dragging it up on the sand and wrasslin’ the shark to remove the hook the angler actually went out into the water and met the shark in the waves and removed the hook to send the shark swimming away.

According to Grind TV, the angler was a tourist from Denmark who was fishing with Modern Day Outdoors:

Based on the caption of that Instagram photo I’m guessing they used kayaks to paddle the bait way out past the surf and into deep water. Once there they dropped down some sort of bloody cut bait, and then paddled back to the beach to set the rod into a rod holder and wait for a giant shark to appear.