Celeb Trainer Reveals The Secret To Getting ‘Movie Star’ Ripped And It’s Something Your Mom Has Done For Years

Harley Pasternak has influences more Hollywood careers than God. At one point, he even changed God’s life. Well, the guy playing his son in a movie.

Pasternak’s list of celebrity clients is extensive. Most search him out for one specific reason — to get shredded for a movie role. At one point or another, he’s worked with actors looking to get absolutely shredded for a movie role. Robert Downey Jr. for Sherlock Homes, Gabriel Macht for The Spirit, Ben Foster for X-Men and he completely transformed pothead and pastry-loving Seth Rogen for his role in Green Hornet. The man has even worked with Jesus Christ. Not the savior, the actor Jim Caviezel, for The Passion of the Christ. And for the last ten years, Pasternak has trained an actual god walking among us, at least in his own opinion, Kayne West.

Even with Pasternak’s ties to deities on earth, he’s no miracle worker when it comes to turn flab to fit in a short amount of time. He’s using most of the same tools, tricks and techniques that can be found in any local gym. Pasternak does, however, have a few gospel truths to getting into insane shape and staying that way.

His first piece of advice is stop following the gym crowd.

“I think men do too much for their beach muscles,” the fitness expert explained, “and by that I mean bicep curls, chest press, and push-ups. As a result is a very forward-sloping posture which leads to short ab muscles and shorter looking arms. Instead men should focus on strengthening their upper back and their triceps to pull their posture back again.”

Pasternak suggests doing a TRX row or a reverse incline dumbbell row, and for triceps, a lying dumbbell tricep extension.

Pasternak hammers home to clients that it’s not just the work done inside the gym that’s the most vital.

“I’ve told all of my male celeb clients,” Pasternak explained, “that while working out — especially when resistance training —  it’s what you do the other 23 hours of the day outside the gym that really make the difference.”

Pasternak’s diet and lifestyle advice is simple — eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and all meals and snacks consumed should contain high fiber and protein. The body-shifter suggests incorporating the powerful protein and fiber-filled almonds into meals or just as a snack. He suggests seven hours of sleep a night and unplugging from technology whenever possible, especially before lights out.

The secret, however, to really getting a lean, chiseled frame is one that Pasternak is preaching to all of his clients or anyone who’ll listen.

“I tell clients to walk at least 12,000 steps a day.”

A new study by the London School of Economics in the UK found that regular brisk walkers are able to lose or maintain their weight more effectively than people training at the gym, have lower BMI’s and smaller waistlines.”

“Walking is very important to lose and maintain weight,” Pasternak adds. “Walking gives clients a goal that is easy to attain every day since it doesn’t require a gym or equipment. So it sets them up for success.”

Walking. Walking is the key to looking like a guy who just stepped out of an Expendables movie.

It’s probably not to late to ask mom for a pedometer for Xmas or join her on her daily walk. Tell her a friend of god said it’s a good idea.

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