Harold Varner III Rips Into Fellow LIV Golf Members Who Claim They’re Growing The Game

Harold Varner III and Phil Mickelson at The Masters

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Former PGA Tour member and co-host of BroBible’s Rippin’ It podcast, Harold Varner III, ripped into his fellow LIV Golf Tour members.

HV3 is no stranger to honesty. He’s been brutally honest in the past when speaking about the reasons he left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf, saying ‘I knew exactly what I was signing up for, none of this is surprising.’

He was recently the center of a lengthy feature in the Washington Post where he reiterated that he knew what he was signing up for. And Harold Varner III affirmed the reason he joined LIV Golf was “so I can change the direction of my family’s life, and that’s it. No other reason.”

After those comments, Harold Varner III ripped into his fellow LIV Golf Tour members who claim that joining LIV was about anything other than the money. Harold said:

“They’re full of s—; they’re growing their pockets. I tell them all the time, all of them: You didn’t come here to f—— grow the f—— game.”

HV3 then spoke about where he believes the anger is coming from in the split between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. The way Harold sees it, the resentment is all about money:

“These f—— aren’t mad,’ Varner says, spitting dip juice into a water bottle with the Augusta National logo. ‘They’re just mad that you’re f—— with their money. I think some people are jealous, and that’s just the way it is.”

He has a way with words.

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Harold Varner III reportedly received a $15 million signing bonus when he joined LIV. That’s a hard number for anyone to turn down.

Other portions of the Washington Post focus on Harold’s impressive collection of sneakers. He has over 800 pairs of sneakers in his collection, most of which are Jordans.

HV3 is a Jumpman/Jordan sponsored athlete and receives regular shipments of them. Interestingly, Michael Jordan is said to have tried to talk Harold Varner III out of joining LIV Golf before HV3 accepted their offer.

One thing we’ve yet to see with LIV Golf is a huge star leave the tour, either from being relegated or breaking their contract. It absolutely does not seem like HV3 would be that guy as he’s open about being there for the money, but one has to wonder if that’s what LIV’s CEO and financiers want to hear him saying during interviews.

Currently, Harold Varner III is ranked 60th in the world according to the OWGR standings. He has dropped 15 spots so far this year without LIV’s ability to generate OWGR points.

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