Here’s How An Iconic Mexican Tequila Celebrated Mexico Qualifying

Here's How An Iconic Mexican Tequila Celebrated Mexico Qualifying For The World Cup

Gran Centenario is one of Mexico’s most revered tequila labels. Here’s a little backstory:

The tequila brand was founded in 1857 by Lazaro Gallardo – a tavern owner and one of Mexico’s first Tequila Master Distillers. By blending newly rested tequila with super smooth, aged tequilas, Gallardo created a revolutionary tequila-making process known as Selección Suave (of Smooth Selection). The result was a remarkably smooth tequila, rich in flavor.

Lazaro Gallardo named his tequila Gran Centenario around the turn of the century, selling it in his tavern. Starting in the 1920s, Lazaro’s son, Luciano, started bottling Gran Centenario using the family recipe, featuring an Art Deco style label on the bottle that’s still used to this day.

To this day, Gran Centenario remains a family-owned tequila brand, crafted in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico at Ex Hacienda Los Camichines. The makers of Gran Centenario still use Selección Suave when crafting their tequila.

Gran Centenario calls itself “Mexico’s #1 tequila”. It’s also the Official Tequila of the Mexican National Team.

The brand swung by the Embassy of Argentina in Washington DC on Friday afternoon with a mariachi band, spreading some international goodwill with the gift of tequila.

Tequila and football, in the name of sportsmanship and healthy competition.

That is what the World Cup is all about.

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