Here’s How Disgusting The Equipment At Your Gym Really Is

by 2 years ago

You go to the gym to be healthy, but what if I told you your sanctuary of health is actually a filthy cesspool? And I’m not just talking about the people in your gym, I’m talking about the disgusting bacteria levels on all the equipment.

But you argue, “Not my gym, everyone at my gym uses a towel.” Doesn’t matter, shitdick. Your gym is gross too. All gyms are gross. Except mine of course. Because my gym is in the basement of my house so not only do I get to avoid accidentally rolling around in someone else’s ass sweat, I get to avoid human interaction altogether. And that’s just aces to me.

So how grimy is your gym? Well, according to Fit Rated, you can probably lick the rim of your toilet bowl clean and you still won’t be exposed to as much bacteria. Although I don’t suggest doing that.

Here’s Fit Rated‘s findings.

examining-germs-gym germs-compared

[H/T Fit Rated]


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