Here’s How LeBron James Got So Skinny



LeBron James’ no-carb summer was part of an offseason makeover in advance of his return to Cleveland. Much like his fuller hairline, the physical transformation did not go unnoticed.

The best player in the NBA sat down with Rachel Nichols and gave details about his strict diet. Spoiler alert: it sounds miserable.

James says he ate only meat, fruits and vegetables. That means no sugar, no dairy, no Gummi Bears, no garlic hummus, no booze … no … no you name it.

I couldn’t do that for a summer. Hell, I couldn’t do that for two straight days. Then again, I’m not paid millions upon millions to excel in a sport.

James said the restrictive diet induced a few visions of the Cookie Monster chasing him, which is something Michael Jordan never had to deal with mentally.

The total amount of weight lost remains a mystery. I’ll set the over-under at 25. Any takers?