Here’s The Week 16 NFL Thursday Night Pick (Of The Worst Game Ever)

There’s a football game tonight on national television. It likely has no meaning to you or your fantasy team, but degenerates everywhere will be hammering the under. Let’s check it out.

Thursday Night Pick:

JACKSONVILLE -3.5 over Tennessee

Let’s get this out of the way first: this is the worst Thursday night game of the season and possibly ever. The two teams have combined for four wins in 28 games! So why do we care? Well, we really don’t, except for the fact that it’s on the NFL Network and there are no other games on. Personally I’ll be watching Duke-Connecticut in college hoops, but maybe that’s not your cup of tea. Either way, you’re probably better off if you have other plans tonight.

At least there’s a first-round pick possibly on the line. The Jaguars don’t need a quarterback because they took one last year, so maybe this game is less important to them. Plus they’ve been playing competitively in recent week, so much so that Steve Smith Sr. told reporters to watch out for Jacksonville after Baltimore struggled to beat them last week. You can understand why Smith Sr. had that assessment given that the Jags are tied for sixth in the league in sacks and are fifth in fumbles forced. Their secondary isn’t converting many passes into interceptions, but that will come in time. Jacksonville also has a bevy of interesting young receivers and a young quarterback with a nice skill set. The future isn’t so bad.

Tennessee on the other hand is in shambles. The team has clearly given up as they’ve lost three of their last four games by 19 points or more. Their loss against the also lowly Jets last week proved Tennessee has hit rock bottom. They’re on their third quarterback again as Charlie Whitehurst steps back in the saddle following injuries to the other two quarterbacks. I can’t in good conscience tell you to take Tennessee tonight because they have nothing going for them. The Jags at least give you something to feel good about during this holiday season.

Kyle’s pick: Jacksonville

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 115-108-1
Locks: 20-24-1
Kyle: 116-107-1