Watching Hershey Bears Hockey Fans Throw 52,000 Stuffed Animals Onto The Ice Is Absolute Scenes

Hershey Bears

  • The Hershey Bears’ Teddy Bear Toss is one of the coolest things in sports.
  • Every year, fans bring stuffed animals to the game and throw them onto the ice after the first goal is scored.
  • This year’s total came out to more than 52,000 and watching the madness never gets old.
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The Hershey Bears broke a world record again on Saturday. During the 20th annual Teddy Bear Toss, hockey fans threw more than 50,000 stuffed bears onto the ice and watching them rain down from the stands never gets old.

Every year, the AHL affiliate for the Washington Capitals in Hershey, Pennsylvania holds a charity event for more than 25 local organizations. Fans are encouraged to bring their new or gently used stuffed animals to the game, and after the first goal is scored, to throw them onto the ice.

After the seemingly endless monsoon of plush toys comes to a halt, they are collected, counted and donated. It’s awesome.

This year, the Bears collected 52,341 different animals. The massive number broke the team’s own record that was set in 2019 with 45,650. This year’s event shattered that number by more than 6,000.

Take a look at the absolute scenes:

Here’s what it looked like on the ice:

And here’s what it looked like on the television broadcast:

The pile of bears was massive.

There were so many stuffed animals that players were doing belly flops and diving into the pile.

The official attendance at the game was announced as a sell-out crowd of 10,514. That comes out to 4.98 bears per fan, which is a tremendous reflection upon the people of Hershey. It is a tight-knit community that loves to give back and Saturday’s Teddy Bear Toss is the perfect example.

Watching the toss will never get old, so here are a few more looks at last night:

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