Hideki Matsuyama Hits A Drive That Gets Stuck Inside A Guy’s Shirt At Liberty National

hideki matsuyama drive stuck inside shirt

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  • Hideki Matsuyama hit a wayward drive Friday at The Northern Trust that ended up inside a man’s shirt.
  • The video is literal magic.
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Hideki Matsuyama’s tee shot on the Par 4 10th at Liberty National on Friday got away from him, so much so that his ball literally disappeared. It didn’t disappear into a hazard or go out of bounds, however, it disappeared in a man’s shirt.

How a golf ball moving at that sort of speed off of Matsuyama’s driver ended up bouncing perfectly into a man’s shirt and getting stuck inside of it is actual magic. The odds of this happening literally can not be calculated. Golf balls do some weird things and end up in some weird spots, but this is straight-up unbelievable. Matsuyama’s drive is eerily similar to Rory McIlroy’s back in the day when he landed a ball inside someone’s pocket.

Matsuyama ended up getting free relief from the man’s shirt, of course, before carding a bogey on the hole.

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