High School Football Player Accused Of Rubbing Icy-Hot On Opponent’s Face In Biggest A-Hole Move Ever

What in the fuck is going through high school football player’s heads lately, bros?

While we saw back-to-back weeks in two separate instances of kids attacking referees during games, a new story just hit the web that’s accusing one player of rubbing Icy-Hot on an opponent’s during a game.

You know, the same Icy-Hot that, when rubbed on any part of someone’s skin, burns like fucking hell.


La Canada High School

According to the CBS News report, Angel Salazar, who plays for La Canada High School, came back to the sideline after a play with the gooey shit all over his face, with the above video showing, what appears to be, a player from Salesian High School going under his facemask to smear Ice-Hot on him.

La Canada Principal Ian McFeat had this to say:

“Our player came to the sidelines, and he was covered in Icy-Hot. Covered in his face. That’s the kind of substance that if it really got in your eyes, it can do some damage.”

Unlike other recent incidents that have happened on the high school gridiron, no cops are getting involved in this manner, but La Canada is sharing the story with the media in hopes of preventing another player from getting the same, burning treatment.

I know football is a dangerous sport and all, but, damn, who knew this type of shit is something players need to worry about?

[H/T CBS News]