Another High School Football Player Hit A Referee After Losing His Cool

Remember last week when two high school football players were so pissed off with a referee that they viciously blindsided the guy? Turns out that’s becoming a little bit of an epidemic on the gridiron.

According to a MySanAntonio report, during a game between St. Anthony Catholic High School and Hyde Park—two Texas schools—St. Anthony safety Zeke Cardenas shoved a ref who tossed a flag in the air following a skirmish between the two teams.

As the video above shows, Cardenas’ incident isn’t as heinous a crime as the two players who maliciously hit the ref last weekend with their cheapshots, but when a dude loses his cool and makes contact with an official, it’s always a bad look.

The two players in the first incident above were suspended and are being investigated by cops for a crime, so who knows what the penalty for Cardenas will end up being.

[H/T Bleacher Report]