This High Schooler’s Cartoonish Bat Flip Is The Baseball Equivalent Of Sexing The Pitcher’s Mom

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the baseball equivalent of sitting on the pitcher’s face bare-assed after eating a Chipotle burrito and running a 10K. Or that thing I said in the headline. Of course pitchers and baseball naturalists will abhor this vile act, but good thing neither of us are pitchers (you’re a catcher, bro, who you kidding) nor are we Clint Eastwood in Trouble With The Curve. With Amy Adams. And Justin Timberlake. Oh, I’m the only one who saw that dumpster fire of a movie? Please disregard.

The dude who sent the bat into the stratosphere is named Dakota Limon, a power hitter for Austin High School in Texas. Before we put a crown on Dakota here, let’s all recognize that we, as a nation, have a lot of work to do before we can even be mentioned in the same breath with Japan.

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