Huge Hockey Brawl Ends With One Goalie Landing A One-Punch Knockout On The Other Goalie

by 3 years ago

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It’s not often you get to see a couple of things in a hockey fight: (1) Two goalies squaring off, and (2) a one-punch knockout.

That’s what makes this brawl between the ECHL’s Quad City Mallards and Cincinnati Cyclones extra special. Both happened!

Watch as Cyclones goalie Michael Houser puts an ends to the festivities by dropping Mallards goaltender Adam Vay with one well-placed shot.

Gotta love how Houser checks on Vay after KO’ing him and then helps him to the penalty box. It doesn’t get much more hockey than that.

Here are a couple more looks because… awesome.

H/T SI Extra Mustard

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