Look What Happens To This Idiot Junior Hockey Ref After He Punched A Player During A Brawl


Whether its been in hockey or some other sport, it has been a really tough year being an official, as they’ve either been under fire for royally fucking up big calls in games or showing the inability to try and restore order.

But during a junior hockey league game in Canada this weekend, one ref found himself becoming part of the action in a way he DEFINITELY regrets—and he paid the price for the decision to do so.

As players pushed and shoved each other in a good ol’ fashioned hockey fight, the man in the zebra shirt must’ve been having a bad day, so he swung and hit a player before shoving another one.

Coming to the players’ defense was some jacked-up trainer, who finished the ref off and leaving him on his back on the ice.

Let’s give the ref a 5-minute major for fighting like a fucking idiot on this one.

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]

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