Soccer Vs Hockey: Two Coaches, Each Hit By An Object, Two VERY Different Reactions

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Hockey vs Soccer


Soccer players are notorious for diving like a bunch of pansies. Soccer players are so egregious with their diving that they make NBA players look like rugby athletes. Conversely, hockey players have the reputation of being massive badasses who play through the gravest of injuries, with players in the playoffs.

These are the reputations of players, not the coaches, but the thing about coaches across every major sport is they were almost always former players. So these traits aren’t specific to the men on the field, as you can see right here:

I’m not certain when this clip was taken because a buddy shared this with me and said he found this over on Reddit r/videos, but I’m guessing the Caps coach getting hit in the head with a puck most likely happened last Saturday night when Toronto hosted Washington. Apologies if I’m way off on that, I don’t typically watch any Caps or Leafs games unless they’re playing against my Tampa Bay Lightning (who are slumping right now and need to wake the fuck up!!).

Need further proof that hockey players are total badasses? Matt Calvert once took a puck to the face, got 30 stitches, came back to play, AND scored the game-winning goal (warning: blood)

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