Viciously Brutal Headbutt From Edmonton’s Darnell Nurse Has The Hockey World Talking

Viciously Brutal Headbutt From Edmonton's Darnell Nurse Has The Hockey World Talking

Getty Image / Curtis Comeau / Icon Sportswire

  • Edmonton Oilers defenseman and nephew of Donovan McNabb, Darnell Nurse, threw a viciously brutal headbutt against Phillip Danault of the LA Kings
  • The entire hockey world was talking about Darnell’s headbutt as videos (below) circulated on social media
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Edmonton Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse will have a hearing on Wednesday with the NHL Department of Player Safety for a viciously brutal headbutt on LA’s Phillip Danault. The incident went largely unnoticed by the refs and didn’t result in a penalty during the game but replays reveal how violent the headbutt actually was.

Hockey Twitter has been on fire with chatter about the headbutt from Darnell Nurse for several reasons. First and foremost, it was a dirty play. And secondly, because Edmonton lost the game in overtime and LA now leads the series 3-2 and it’s possible that Nurse receives a game suspension in addition to a fine after his safety hearing.

Let’s check out the replay of the headbutt along with what the hockey world is saying about the vicious headbutt from Darnell Nurse.

Viciously Brutal Headbutt From Edmonton’s Darnell Nurse Has The Hockey World Talking

The video cuts off just a fraction of a second too short. I feel like we need to see the full replay to get a sense of how much force was behind the headbutt. Here is another angle in slow motion:

And here is another angle of the headbutt:

Here’s what the Hockey world is saying about the headbutt…

Edmonton is facing elimination against the LA Kings despite having 2 of the top 5 forwards in the NHL. They need every player on their squad to contribute but it sure feels like Darnell Nurse won’t be around for Game 6…

Imagine convincing yourself he wasn’t trying to headbutt here:

And for any non-hockey fans out there, here’s a fun fact:

I had no idea that he was related to Donovan McNabb.