A Hot Reporter Totally Hit On Gronk On The Red Carpet And Of Course, He LOVED It

So Gronk was just doing his usual Gronk thing, showing up to a red carpet event in camo shorts, just being Gronk when he was stopped for an interview by sexy reporter Jordan Duffy.

There was the usual blah, blah boring questions that Gronk endured, but then Duffy decided to do a little rapid fire Q&A with questions like “Boxers or Briefs?” and “Blondes of Brunettes?” Of course Gronk chose both then laughed his big goofy ass off when that one was asked.

Then Jordan Duffy asked if Gronk was single and he very coyly answered, “Yes…are you?” Her response? “Tonight I am,” at which point Gronk totally lost it.

What a life this guy leads.

(Skip ahead to the 2:50 mark for the fun stuff, although the whole thing is pretty funny.)

So what are the odds that Gronk let that little exchange go by the wayside and didn’t follow up later that night? Like 0%?

Gotta love her outfit, by the way…her shorts are way better than his.





H/T Busted Coverage