Watch Gronk Spike Things On Charlotte McKinney’s Butt In The Trailer For ‘A Gronking To Remember’

I don’t know how Gronk is ever going to be ready to play football this fall. Unless he stops whatever he’s doing right now and starts resting he’s going to be in no shape for training camp. Bro is literally everywhere you turn. At least it seems that way.

He’s been partying in Vegas, promoting his new book, appearing on Family Feud, partying, partying, partying.

But then again, why not? He’s Gronk. Which is also the reason I think Funny or Die made this fake movie trailer for the erotic novel A Gronking To Remember.

You see, it’s got Gronk. And it’s got Charlotte McKinney. More specifically, Charlotte McKinney in a bra and panties. I guess they figured that we’d watch just about anything with Gronk and a lingerie-clad Charlotte McKinney. Especially when the whole thing is based around Gronk spiking things on Charlotte’s butt. Annd whoops, they’re right!

Wow, that was … awful. And yet somehow I can’t wait to see the fake movie trailer for Gronk’s second erotic novel. I’m thinking maybe Abigail Ratchford as the female lead for that one?