Ranking the 20 Hottest New York Yankees’ WAGs of All Time

Take Derek Jeter, for example. He has dated more beautiful women than Hugh Hefner and is now attached to the Kate Upton of the future, Hannah Davis. It is even being reported that Hannah is probably going to be the next cover girl on the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So not only his he winning, he is doing it in style.

But Derek Jeter isn't the only New York Yankee to date a beautiful woman, although he owns the record for most in a lifetime. Let's take a look at some of the hottest Yankee WAGs of All-Time. We've ranked them. See who came out as our favorite and sound off in the comments if you disagree.

20. Jordana Brewster – Derek Jeter


19. Scarlett Johansson – Derek Jeter


18. Amber Sabathia – CC Sabathia



17. Jamie (Last Name Unkown) – Joba Chamberlain


16. Cameron Diaz – Alex Rodriguez

[photo Esquire]


15. Karen Burnett – AJ Burnett



14. Laura Posada – Jorge Posada


13. Marikym Hervieux – Russel Martin


12. Kate Hudson – Alex Rodriguez


11. Mariah Carey – Derek Jeter


Click below for the Ten Hottest Yankees WAGS of all time


10. JoAnna Garcia – Nick Swisher


9. Michelle Damon – Johnny Damon


8. Torrie Wilson – Alex Rodriguez


7. Kyna Treacy – Alex Rodriguez


6. Jessica Biel – Derek Jeter


5. Vida Guerra – Derek Jeter


4. Marilyn Monroe – Joe DiMaggio


3. Minka Kelly – Derek Jeter


2. Adriana Lima – Derek Jeter


1. Hannah Davis – King Jeter

How could we possibly go against the Captain? If he could still be with the rest –you have to believe he could — but he now has Hannah, then she is the hottest Yankee WAG of all time…Or at least until Jeter's done with her.