Astros’ Jose Altuve Denies Wearing Buzzer Under Jersey During 2019 ALCS After Wild Allegations Surface On The Internet

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The Houston Astros cheating scandal took a wild turn on Thursday afternoon when several Internet rumors accused players of wearing buzzers to steal signals from pitchers.

The rumor originated from a Twitter account posing as Carlos Beltran’s niece who claims Jose Altuve wore a buzzer under his jersey during games that relayed tipped pitches from the video guy watching the game in the hallway.

According to ESPN’s Marly Rivera, Beltran’s family denies that the twitter account was associated with anybody related to Beltran.

A video of Altuve telling his teammates to rip up his jersey after he hit a walkoff homer against the Yankees in the 2019 ALCS went viral after the rumors made the rounds.

At the time Altuve said he didn’t want teammates rip his jersey off because he was “shy” but fans weren’t buying it.

Altuve’s agent Scott Boras immediately released a statement saying his client denied the allegations made against him.

Via Sports Illustrated

Jose Altuve called me and said he wants it known that he has never, ever worn an electronic device in a major league game—ever. He never received any form—of a trigger or any information—via an electronic product that was on his body or in his uniform. He has never worn any electronic device. Ever.”