Houston PD Wants To Speak With Massage Therapist Who Made Graphic Allegations Against Deshaun Watson In Viral Youtube Interview

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The Houston police department wants to speak with a massage therapist who came forward and made graphic allegations against Deshaun Watson in a Youtube interview.

During an interview with popular Youtube personality Tasha K., Houston based massage therapist Nia Lewis went into graphic detail about her encounter with Watson.

“The only thing that really bothered me in the first appointment was that he kept asking me to inside his butt, and I was just so confused…Normally with any of my clients I’ll stop at the lower thigh and he kept asking me to go inside….I originally thought it was the crack and so I would go around that area and he still wasn’t satisfied. He was very adamant and was saying don’t be afraid to go inside.”

Lewis claims Watson began getting “touchy feely” and repeatedly tried to grab her butt while she was massaging him. She went on to say Watson was erect during the massage and eventually asked if she wanted to put her mouth on his penis.

“The second appointment was really inappropriate, he was very touchy feely…he would act like he would accidentally brush up against my butt…It was to the point to where it came a time in the massage where I was massaging him from a distance because he kept trying to touch me.

He basically didn’t want the rest of his body massaged, he wanted his groin area massaged and his butt only…he kept saying do you want to put in your mouth? It was just very very uncomfortable.”

According to CBS Sports legal analyst Amy Dash, the Houston PD has seen the interview and want to talk to Lewis regarding her experience with Watson.

Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin told ESPN last week that 10 of the women who have accused Watson of sexual assault have filed complaints with the Houston Police Department. It’s currently unclear if Lewis wants to pursue charges or is willing to speak with police at this point in time.

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