The Houston Rockets Should Be Embarrassed For Employing This Idiotic Free Throw Distraction

by 3 years ago

rockets stupid ft

Is this not the single dumbest thing you’ve seen in the NBA all season (excluding anything LeBron related, duh)?

I mean, come on Houston Rockets, you’re better than this. This isn’t college ball and you aren’t 19-year-olds on the Monmouth bench with free time on their hands to think this stupid stuff up. You’re a professional franchise in the NBA, and while I get that you’re seeking to cater to your fans with some *eXcItEmEnT* – this is not the way to do it.

Not by having a fat dude jump out of a garbage can invoking Oscar the Grouch and blocking the views of your fans in the most premium seats in the house that they definitely paid A LOT of money for all while a Jazz player still drains the free throw right in their faces. Except they couldn’t see it. Right. Not to mention that teddy bear mascot of yours…sucks.

Stick to the Thunder Sticks, Houston, because clearly tactics like this don’t work seeing as Rodney Hood’s made FT led, in part, to an 89-87 Utah Jazz victory last night.

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